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Why Heits Uses Microfiber

One important element of the HEITS Clean Green program is the use of microfiber flat mops and cleaning cloths.

By using microfiber mops in our "Clean Green" program compared to conventional mops:

  • Annual chemical usage DECREASES by 87.5%
  • Annual water usage DECREASES by 84.5%
  • Bacteria levels on floors DECREASES by 16% (a total of 96% reduction)
  • Annual quantity of mops purchased DECREASES by 95%

Your surfaces are cleaner, due to the physical make-up of microfiber.

A conventional mop pushes dirt and moisture, and is unable to capture the debris caught in the surface's impressions.


Microfiber mops are able to capture and retain the dirt and moisture, leaving surfaces cleaner and moisture-free.

We extend the environmental savings by using microfiber cloths to dust, polish, and clean surfaces. Microfiber cloths are:

  • Hypoallergenic (will not effect individuals with asthma or allergies)
  • Non-electrostatic (use confidently in all areas)
  • Super absorbent (over 7times its weight in water)
  • Lint-free and non-abrasive (will not harm surfaces)
(Information from Unger Enterprises, Inc. and The Green Clean Institute)