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HEITS Clean Green Team Training & Certification in Durham, NC

Every HEITS Clean Green Team member (as well as each franchise owner and operator) is required to complete a rigorous introductory training program and attend periodic update programs throughout the year.

Online and on-site instruction (in both English and Spanish) focus on practicing proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures. Careful attention is devoted to worker safety, hazardous waste handling, regulation compliance and product/equipment applications.

Special emphasis is devoted to the characteristics of toxic vs. non-toxic cleaning chemicals and compounds. Ongoing attention to customer service and communications skills is also heavily stressed.

One-on-one and group instruction sessions are backed up with basic and advanced training materials on HEITS University.

Certification is not automatic. Candidates must demonstrate a clear understanding of the study materials and the information presented in order to earn a starting position on a HEITS Clean Green Team.

To help ensure performance integrity, confidentiality, and peace of mind, all HEITS Clean Green Team members are fully bonded and insured.

In addition to this training, your Clean Green team is backed by state-of-the-art quality control programs and the use of PDA devices to provide continuous on-site inspections.